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Number of beneficiaries helped in 2017


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Monthly campaign:

Road Safety

More information about how Road safety is dealt with at Humanity & Inclusion

Creation of educational materials
Implementation of participating teaching tools according to the age of the beneficiaries
Carrying out awareness campaigns intended for the general public
Road safety awareness in primary and secondary schools and universities
Teacher training to raise awareness among pupils

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Prevention session (adults)


Raise awareness of road traffic injuries amongst adults and teenagers road users


Prevention session (children)


Raise awareness of road safety amongst young people and children (1h)




A femoral prosthesis


Give the chance to one of our beneficiary to stand tall


A tibial prosthesis


Give the chance to a child to stand tall and play with his friends


Tailored services


Services tailored for 1 person's specific impairment, disease or disability for 1 year


A pair of crutches


Thanks to your generous support, we'll offer these crutches to one of our beneficiary

More info about rehabilitation within Humanity & Inclusion

Rehabilitation services
Physiotherapy sessions for patients (people with disabilities and injured people in need for rehabilitation)
Production of prostheses, orthoses and mobility aids of people with disabilities
Material and human resources necessary for prosthesis production
Pre evaluation of the beneficiary
Fitting the prosthesis
Club foot treatment
1st step of the treatment

Serial casting and tendon chirurgical operation

2nd step of the treatment

Production of adapted foot brace and monitoring

3rd step of the treatment

Production of adapted foot brace and shoes

4th step of the treatment

Fixing of adapted foot brace and shoes

à Material + human resources + operating tools


Club foot treatment


Help one of our beneficiary to receive adequate treatment


Offer a most needed walker


Give the elderly the opportunity to move freely


An adjustable wheelchair

$20 /month

Offer this wheelchair to one person in need


A basic wheelchair


Offer this basic wheelchair HI used during the emergencies

Weapons Violence


More info about weapon related violence within Humanity & inclusion

Mapping and technical surveys
Planning and prioritizng actions
Deploying teams
Previous training of teams
Clearing the area
Controlling the area
Initial training or refresher courses for staff with EOD level 1 and 2 certifications, prior to deployment in the field, covering the following topics: security, identification of mines / ERW marking, use of technical equipment, installation of sites, knowledge checks and evaluations, staff selection process
Continuous training of mine-clearing experts or qualified staff, depending on the quality checks done on the spot
In-house reminder training sessions are offered during the project, and for some executives, an 8-week training is offered to obtain EOD level 3 certification
Finale restitution exercise
Mine risk education
Mapping and running technical surveys to identify UXO (unexploded ordnance) contamination
Relaying information on contamination to affected districts’ communities and to development actors
Organizing prevention sessions in villages, and risk education in schools
Training voluntary ‘focal point’ villagers, police officers and village chiefs to signal suspicious objects to the demining teams


Demining 10 sq meters


Help us get rid of these weapons banned by the Ottawa Treaty


Demining 1/2 a hockey rink


Make it count for Canada by demining the equivalent of 1/2 a hockey rink


1 earthmoving tool kit

$15 /month

Thanks to your precious support, you help our teams work meticulously


One metal detector


The essential tool for demining is also one of the most expensive one. Help us !


UXO Sensibilisation


Make 1 person aware of UXO risks (mines, cluster munitions, small weapons)


Complete protection outfit

$35 /month

Help our deminers working safely in the field


1 demining tool kit


The essential kit for demining autonomously and safely



More information about education within Humanity & Inclusion

School accessibility
Enhancing physical autonomy (orthopedic fitting…)
Helping parents enroll their child in school, training them to educational best practices, providing them with information on existing health services and organizing medical consultations (covering medical care for the more vulnerable ones)
Providing schools suplies to children with disabilities and providing schools with santary equipment
Training teachers, education staff and Public Offices of Housing (OPHs) to inclusive educational practices and approaches
Encouraging the authorities to take into account and include inclusive education in their action plan and annual budget


Campaign #School4all

Give what you can

Working together for supportive and inclusive school


Inclusion of one disabled child

$50 /month

One school year for one child with disability in a school


Adapted measures


For the implementation of adapted measures in school


Adapted material for a child


Some adapted material to make it possible for a blind child to attend school



More information about Health within Humanity & Inclusion

Disaster Risk Reduction
Identification of risks, vulnerable people and their specific needs
Preparation of evacuation plan
Nomination and training of community members in charge for helping people who cannot evacuate on their own
Organization of an information meeting about risk and good practices
Psycho-social support
Individual session
1 hour with a psychologist and a social worker
Transport included
Group session
4 hours consultation with a psychologist and a social worker
Infrastructure and equipment – room, tent, chair
Maternal Health
Treatment of pregnant women and prevention of congenital malformations
Medical equipment needed for childbirth
Training of nursing staff
Rehabilitation of maternity and health centre
Targeted beneficiaries
Pregnant women, including:
Women living away from medical facilities and/or in not easily accessible places
Women with reduced mobility
Women at risk of malaria
Births requiring a Caesarean section
Child Health
Management of the child's hospitalization
Provision of adequate food rations
Management of medical complications related to malnutrition
Rehabilitation of health structures

Per stimulation session:

Staff training: physiotherapists and social workers
Sessions of awaking physiotherapy
Recreational activities with parents and children


Psychosocial support


A psycho social session for those who need it the most


Medical Equipment


Delivery kit, folic acid & malaria treatment for pregnant women


Most needed Caesarean kit


Perform a Caesarean section safely


Extensive care for a child

$13 / month

Comprehensive care for a child during one year


Raise risks awareness


Raise one person's awareness on disaster risks, based on community


One delivery table


Allow women to give birth in good conditions with this adapted bed


Complete pregnancy monitoring


Take care of a pregnant woman from the start to the birth


Offer a stethoscope


The essential work tool for conducting quality consultation and monitoring


Offer a tensiometer


This blood pressure monitor is the indispensable complement of the stethoscope


Suitcase of telemedicine


Being able to practice medicine remotely in the most remote areas



More information about economic activity development at Humanity & Inclusion

Humanity & Inlcision’s inclusive employment projects target people with limited prospects for employment due to the barriers they confront due to their physical, sensory or intellectual disability, or any other pattern of inequality. Our goal is to promote a decent and income-generatingemployment practiced in ways which ensure freedom, equality, security and dignity.

Identification of beneficiaries
Development & formalization of personal projects
Adaptation to the working environment
A start pack or the allocation of a start-up grant


Create your own job


Contribute to the development of sustainable employment for a person with a disability


More information about Emergency within Humanity & Inclusion

Emergency Prosthesis

2 providers


Auto Bloc


Kit prosthesis

Easy to assemble



Multi-position system

Suits all beneficiaries (weights & sizes)


Emergency Wheelchair


Our partner


à English NGO specialized in scientific research



To all sizes

à 3 levels of seat

To all fields
Compatible with the main categories of disability

Light | resistant | cheap


Its ancestors

The wooden and light wheelchair, in partnership with Motivation



To provide  quickly and at the lowest cost,

the more beneficiaries, in chaos or crisis situation


Financial stake

To restock and transport for deploying


A basic wheelchair


Offer this basic wheelchair as part of one of HI's emergency missions


A rehabilitation center


Benefit from a solid structure to carry out rehabilitation sessions


Auxiliary crutches


Propose these emergency crutches for the victims


Emergency prosthesis (child)


Prosthesis to help children immediately


Emergency prosthesis (adult)


Respond to the urgent needs of prosthetics for an adult


A kitchen set


Help the victims to feed themselves with dignity with this kit


Winter Emergency pack


Distribution of an emergency kit to deal with winter conditions