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“I looked at his leg and, deep down, I knew” July, 11 2017

Abdel Rahman was caught in a bombing in Mosul last May, which led to the loss of his leg. He now lives with his family in Hasansham displaced people’s camp, where Handicap International (HI) provides him with rehabilitation care and psychological support.  

  • Iraq

“A missile fell right next to us” July, 11 2017

Abdullah was injured in an explosion in Mosul, last May. Now displaced with his family in a camp located east of the city, the teenager receives assistance from Handicap International (HI), including rehabilitation care to help him recover from a broken leg.

Growing Together : Training parents on the importance of play in refugee camps June, 30 2017

Handicap International, with the support of the IKEA Foundation, is helping 13,000 children in refugee camps in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand to learn how to develop safely through play. The association trains parents and community volunteers so they can stimulate children from an early age.

  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan

Mosul: Over a million people displaced since the beginning of the offensive June, 30 2017

In October 2016, the the Iraqi armed forces launched a military offensive to retake Mosul, in Iraq. Since then, over a million civilians have been displaced. Two weeks ago, the final assault was launched on Mosul’s Old City, where hundreds of thousands of people were still trapped and where the fighting has considerably intensified. Handicap International describes the situation as extremely alarming.

  • Iraq

When there were planes in the sky, we didn't go to school June, 20 2017

Sondos is 8 years old and comes from a besieged area in the suburbs of Damascus. In 2016, she and her family were the victims of bombing. Still traumatised by what she has been though, she now lives as a refugee in Lebanon where she receives psychological support from Handicap International.

  • Lebanon

I felt like life was a living nightmare June, 20 2017

Mayada, 48 years old, is from the suburbs of Damascus in Syria. In 2014, her house was bombed. As a result of her injuries, her leg had to be amputated. She has been living as a refugee in Lebanon for two years and has been fitted with a prosthesis by Handicap International which monitors her progress through regular physiotherapy sessions.

  • Lebanon

He's already been through the very worst June, 20 2017

Khaled was just one year old when he lost his leg in a bombing raid in Syria. He also tragically lost both of his parents that day. He now lives with his aunt as refugees in Lebanon. Since he arrived in the country, Handicap International has provided the little boy with psychological support sessions.

  • Lebanon

Everything was destroyed June, 20 2017

Hussein is 15 years old. At the end of 2016, he was injured during the bombing of Idlib, in Syria, in which half of his family was killed. He had one leg amputated and took refuge in Lebanon where he received support from Handicap International. “I don't think about the future, I don't have one”…

  • Lebanon

#SlowDown : Handicap International raises awareness of road-related risks June, 19 2017

Handicap International participated in the World Road Safety Week, organized by the United Nations from May 8th to 14th. The association has organized awareness-raising activities for road users, in particular in Cambodia, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

My injury has changed everything June, 19 2017

Hozeifa was injured in 2016, during the bombing of Idlib in Syria. He is now paraplegic and lives in a tent with the rest of his family in Lebanon, where they have taken refuge. Handicap International is helping him to adapt to his new circumstances by providing psychological support and physiotherapy.

  • Lebanon

I have no future June, 19 2017

Abdel Azzim, 20 years old, is from Homs (Syria). Seriously injured in a bombing raid in 2014, he has since taken refuge in Lebanon. Handicap International provided him with a wheelchair and rehabilitation care to recover from his trauma.

  • Lebanon

Leaving everything behind to feed your family June, 19 2017

The food crisis in East Africa is creating unprecedented numbers of refugees. Up to 80% of refugees are women and children who can no longer find enough food to survive. Rose and her children now live in a refugee camp in Kenya, but they still face many difficulties. 

  • South Sudan

Syrian crisis More than 5 million refugees since the conflict began June, 16 2017

Since the start of the war in Syria, more than 5 million people have fled the country to seek refuge in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon. Over the last six years, more than half of the Syrian population has been displaced internally or fled to neighbouring countries. Handicap International has been providing assistance to the Syrian population in the region, for the past five years. 




  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon

Providing assistance to the displaced population in Syria June, 16 2017

Since the start of the war in Syria, 6.3 million people have been displaced by violence and found refuge in other parts of the country. At the beginning of 2017, the conflict escalated again in the southern region of Syria, leading to an increase in displaced populations. Handicap International and its partners, in collaboration with other humanitarian actors, implemented distributions of food kits and essential items (blankets, mattresses, etc.) for displaced people experiencing a sudden degradation of their living conditions.

  • Syria

“I need to rebuild my life” June, 15 2017

Samra, 39, is from Syria. She has been a refugee in Jordan since early 2016 and now lives in Azraq camp with her five children. After being given physiotherapy care by Handicap International (HI), she is now receiving psychosocial support from the organisation.

  • Jordan