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Shahoud and the team of heroes October, 24 2016

Shahoud is 12 and lives in a camp for displaced people in northern Syria. Several months ago, he was injured by an accident and had to have his right hand amputated. Today, Shahoud has turned his experience into a combat and, alongside Handicap International’s team, he is taking part in risk education sessions with other children. 

  • Syria

A model of ddetermination October, 24 2016

Eisa lives in northern Syria. In 2013, he was injured in a car accident. A year later, he had to flee his village in Syria and take refuge in the north of the country where one of Handicap International’s teams is now providing him with physiotherapy care and equipment to help him move around more easily. 

  • Syria

“I’m starting to feel like my old self again” October, 24 2016

Abu Aïsha is from northern Syria. In June 2015, when his city was under siege, he was hit by shrapnel, leaving him quadriplegic and partially deaf. After meeting Abu Aïsha, Handicap International’s team is supporting his recovery by providing him with physiotherapy sessions and psychosocial support, to help him overcome the trauma of his accident. 

  • Syria

Typhoon Haima in the Philippines: Handicap International assessing the needs of those affected October, 20 2016

Typhoon Haima, the most powerful storm to hit the Philippines in three years, made landfall in the north of the country on Wednesday 19 October, displacing more than 90,000 people from their homes. Handicap International is travelling to the affected areas to assess the needs of local communities.

  • Philippines

Typhoon Haima hits the Philippines: Handicap International on alert October, 19 2016

When Typhoon Haima makes landfall on the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines on Wednesday 19 October, thousands of people could be affected. Handicap International is travelling to the province to assess the impact of the damage caused by the disaster.

  • Philippines

The Mosul offensive raises fears of a major humanitarian crisis October, 18 2016

There are fears that the offensive on the Iraqi city of Mosul could result in a humanitarian crisis on an unprecedented scale. More than one million people may be forced to flee to escape the fighting, in a country where at least 3.3 million people have already been uprooted. Handicap International is concerned that the people fleeing Mosul will not all be able to access humanitarian aid. Thomas Hugonnier, head of emergency response operations in Iraq, explains the situation.

  • Iraq

The Philippines threatened by typhoon Haima October, 18 2016

Typhoon Haima is forecast to hit the Philippines on  Wednesday 19 -Thursday 20 October , affecting thousands of people. Handicap International's teams are preparing to cope with the potential disaster.

  • Philippines

Hurricane Matthew: Handicap International is responding on all fronts October, 12 2016

As Handicap International’s emergency teams travel to the areas worst affected by Hurricane Matthew to supply aid to victims, an air cargo of humanitarian equipment was scheduled to land in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday evening. With access to the southwest of the country still unreliable a week after the disaster, Handicap International is organising the transport of aid by sea.

  • Haiti

Hurricane Matthew: “The roof was torn off, the walls collapsed” October, 9 2016

After Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti last Tuesday, Handicap International has been mobilising its teams in the field, supported by its emergency specialists, who arrived on Friday. Part of the country has been devastated and thousands of homes destroyed. The United Nations estimates that more than 2.1 million people have been affected, of whom 1.4 million immediate assistance. Josie and Moise, who live in the south of Haiti, which was severely affected by the disaster, provided us with their testimonies.

  • Haiti

Hurricane Matthew: rapid response to assist the most vulnerable October, 8 2016

As the death toll in Haiti soars to more than 800, four days after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, humanitarian organisations including Handicap International face a race against the clock. Rising casualty numbers threaten to overwhelm the few health centres and hospitals not hit by the disaster. Large sections of the population are also at risk from epidemics.

  • Haiti

Haiti: « Isolated populations in danger » October, 7 2016

As Haiti begins to recover from the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the impact of the disaster is still uncertain for large sections of the population, which remain isolated and without any means of communication. Hélène Robin, who is coordinating the emergency operations from Handicap International’s head office in Lyon, gave us a situation update.

  • Haiti

Haiti: “Hurricane Matthew increases the vulnerability of people yet to recover from the violent earthquake of 2010” October, 6 2016

Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti on 4 October, has affected more than one million Haitians and forced the evacuation of more than 15,000 people. Access to large swathes of the affected southern area remains difficult and the scale of the damage means humanitarian needs are likely to be significant. Handicap International has deployed an emergency team to assess the needs of the affected population.

  • Haiti

Haiti: millions threatened by hurricane Matthew October, 4 2016

Hurricane Matthew, which has made landfall on the south-western tip of Haiti and is expected to reach Cuba on Tuesday evening, could affect millions of people, according to the United Nations. The Haitian government has appealed to the international community for help. Already present in the field, Handicap International’s teams have been mobilised and plan to launch an emergency response based on the needs identified.

  • Haiti

Haiti: Handicap International prepares to launch response as Matthew nears landfall October, 3 2016

Handicap International’s teams are preparing to provide assistance to the victims of a potential natural disaster as hurricane Matthew impacts Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 October.

  • Haiti

Promoting care access to people with spinal cord injuries August, 31 2016

More than 250,000 people around the world suffer from spinal cord injuries, mainly as a result of road accidents, falls or acts of violence. These injuries often cause disabilities. For more than 25 years, Handicap International, in conjunction with the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCOS), has provided quality rehabilitation care to the injured, strengthened their social inclusion and helped them find a job.