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Recent years have seen entire cities, neighbourhoods and villages in countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen become battlegrounds. The use of very powerful or inaccurate explosive weapons in densely populated areas has led to massive civilian casualties. This practice contravenes international law and the Geneva Conventions. 92% of the victims of  bombings in populated areas are civilians: men, women and children killed by indiscriminate and barbaric weapons!

Every day, 90 civilians are killed or injured by explosive weapons! This is unacceptable!


Raise awareness and mobilize the public to put pressure on States to officially commit themselves to putting an end to the bombing of cities. It is urgent to unite against this barbaric practice, because bombing civilians is not war, it is a crime!




Canada and States worldwide to:

  • Publicly condemn the bombing of civilians,
  • End the use of explosive weapons in populated areas,
  • Assist victims and support demining of bombed areas.

Find out more about the consequences of the bombing of civilians: