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Canadian spokespersons

Anthony Lemke

Official ambassador in Canada for Humanity & Inclusion, actor Anthony Lemke takes on the responsibility of helping to raise Canadians’ awareness of HI’s efforts and goals around the world; he visits regions affected by the devastating use of explosive weapons where HI intervenes, and he assists in lobbying for reducing the impact of armed conflicts on innocent civilians.

Diane Tell

In another life, not so long ago, I discovered and learned to love Africa and its people thanks to a humanitarian association. At this time, Air Solidarité, and its caravan of “flying canoes”, was flying all over North Africa above the equator. We were going to the field, meeting with the committed humanitarian workers and their too vulnerable beneficiaries. Today, it is as a spokesperson for HI (Humanity & Inclusion, the new name of Handicap International) that I wish to express, once again, my indignation at the consequences of poverty and discrimination, my attachment to HI's values and my admiration for all those who work within this international charity. I feel that my duty is to reveal, with my words and images, all the beauty that hides behind misfortune.