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Job offers

*** September 1st, 2019 - Recruitment fraud in African countries ***

Since a few months, Humanity & Inclusion Canada has again been the victim of false job offers circulating in some African countries. These actions are the subject of a complaint filed with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. Persons who are in contact with these offers should never provide their identity documents or money to pay the application fees. The only official job offers are those listed on the HI portal

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Humanity & Inclusion relies on its staff, interns and volunteers to make a real difference to the lives of disabled and vulnerable people around the world.

We are always looking for skilled, passionate people, both to work in our overseas programmes and to support the activities of our national associations. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved!

Jobs at Humanity & Inclusion are recruited via our Federation offices in Europe. Vacancies are listed on our Federal website : https://hi.org/en/jobs.

It is very important that you refer to each individual vacancy for the correct information about how to apply. Please do not call our Canadian office regarding the progress of your application as we do not hold that information.