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Charity streaming

Thank you for your interest in organizing a charity stream on behalf of HI. To do this, nothing could be easier! You will simply need to use our crowdfunding partner platform, Tiltify, to launch your first "Go Live  for HI" campaign!

You can host a charity stream on behalf of HI.

You can host a charity stream on behalf of HI. | © Unplash

HI’s calling on the Canadian gaming community to protect and support the most vulnerable across the globe. The bigger the group, the better; live stream, comment, share on social, and get people donating. Go Live  for HI!


Make a charity stream for the benefit of HI beneficiaries, nothing could be easier!


1) Visit our Tiltify profile

Tiltify is a crowdfunding platform designed for gamers to raise money through their streams, for their favorite causes. Tiltify allows users to build campaign pages where it is easy to create rewards, take donations, explain your schedule and goals, and share with your friends.



2) Create your Tiltify account

Before launching your campaign to support HI's actions, create an account on Tiltify. You can check their tutorials if you need help!



2) Dress your campaign in HI's colours

Once you have created your Tiltify account and launched a campaign, you can use our stream toolbox to customize your fundraising appeal.


Welcome in the Go Live  for HI team!