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HI is sharing its expertise with disabled people’s organisations in Morocco. Together, we run projects to promote the inclusion of adults and children with disabilities in society.

A girl writing on a blackboard, Morocco - HI

A girl writing on a blackboard, Morocco - HI | © A. Vincens de Tapol / HI

Actions in process

In Morocco, HI works for a better integration of people with disabilities within the society. In the regions of Casablanca, Tangiers-Titouan, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra and Souss-Massa, the organisation leads several projects to improve the school enrolment of children with disabilities with the help of the education authorities.

Projects launched in 2017 aim to increase women’s presence in the local economy. HI provides personalised support to allow women to participate in sustainable and inclusive economic, social and ecological initiatives.

In order to improve the medical and social care of people with disabilities, HI currently implements a pilot project with 5 facilities. The organisation also supports the upgrading of the national occupational therapy curriculum with the local Ministry of Health.

Finally, HI supports Morocco’s community network to ensure that people with disabilities can participate in the electoral and legislative process.

Areas of intervention

Help them

Situation of the country

Map of HI's interventions in Morocco

In this country which is moving towards democracy, disabled people’ s organisations are mobilising to make their voices heard.

During the Arab Spring in 2011, the constitutional monarchy found itself up against the February 20th Movement. This movement succeeded in bringing about reform of the constitution, which now formally provides for non-discrimination on the basis of disability.

However, policies to improve the social participation of people with disabilities are still applied very sketchily, mainly due to a lack of funding. Disabled people have very few dedicated services (care assistants, building access etc.) and their participation in civil society remains limited.

However, disabled people’s organisations are gearing up to push through rapid change and ensure that people with disabilities are fully taken into account within the national reform process.


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