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Humanity & Inclusion shares its expertise with Moroccan disabled people's organisations (DPO). Together, they implement actions to include children and adults with disabilities in society.

A girl writing on a blackboard, Morocco - Humanity & Inclusion

A girl writing on a blackboard, Morocco - Humanity & Inclusion | © A. Vincens de Tapol / HI

Actions in process

In Morocco, Humanity & Inclusion works to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. In the Casablanca, Tanger-Titouan, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra and Souss-Massa regions, the organisation implements several projects to improve the education of children with disabilities, with help from the education authorities. The projects launched in 2017 aim to increase the presence of women in the local economy.
In order to improve the medical and social management of people with disabilities, Humanity & Inclusion is currently deploying a pilot project in five structures. The organisation also supports the upgrading of the national occupational therapy programme with the local ministry of health.
Finally, Humanity & Inclusion supports the Moroccan network of disabled people’s organisations to ensure people with disabilities participate in the electoral and legislative process.

Areas of intervention

Help them

Situation of the country

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in Morocco

In this country which is progressing towards democracy, disabled people's organisations (DPO) are campaigning to make their voices heard.

During the Arab Spring, the constitutional monarchy found itself confronted by the "Mouvement du 20 février 2011".  This movement notably led to a reform to the constitution which now formally refers to non-discrimination with regards to disabling situations.
However, the policies to improve the social participation of people with disabilities are still very little applied, notably due to a lack of funding. People with disabilities have very few dedicated services (care assistants, accessibility of buildings etc.) and their participation in civil society remains limited.
Disabled People's Organisations are therefore still campaigning for rapid change and for people with disabilities to be fully taken into account in the national reform process.

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