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In Nicaragua, HI supports projects led by Visíon Inclusiva, which aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes in Masaya and Estelí.

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In Nicaragua, HI supports projects led by the NGO, Visíon Inclusiva, which aims to improve living conditions for more than 29,000 people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure in the departments of Masaya and Estelí. The organisation notably contributes to training education officers who lead awareness-raising sessions and ensures that people with diabetes and high blood pressure receive better care-management. The organisation also provides technical and financial support for clubs of people with diabetes and high blood pressure, and holds meetings between professionals in the field of chronic non-communicable diseases.

In addition, HI promotes the inclusion of children with disabilities in schools in Masaya County. The organisation stresses the importance of schooling for children with disabilities, encourages families to play a vital role in their education and trains teachers in educational methods adapted to children with disabilities

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Situation of the country

Map of HI's interventions in Nicaragua

Poverty has a significant impact on health in Nicaragua and is a contributing factor for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. 

These diseases are the main causes of adult morbidity and mortality in the country. Furthermore, diabetes and high blood pressure are risk factors for the onset of disabilities. HI supports the national health plan which aims to reduce these risk factors and limit the onset of disabilities. 

HI began working in Nicaragua in 1997, when it supported partner organisations working in the disability sector. The projects that were directly implemented by our teams are now over, but HI continues to support the projects led by NGO Visión Inclusiva, which takes action on disability issues, and to build its autonomy.

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