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Humanity & Inclusion's objective in Togo is to reduce inequalities to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people, in particular people with disabilities. The organisation aims to promote the development of an inclusive society.

Young boy cured of Buruli ulcer - Humanity & Inclusion Togo

Young boy cured of Buruli ulcer - Humanity & Inclusion Togo | © J-J. Bernard / Handicap International

Actions in process

In Togo, over half of the population lives under the poverty threshold. The number of people with disabilities is estimated at 620,000, 10% of whom require orthopaedic fitting.

Negative perceptions of disability mean the parents of children with disabilities often side-line them, hiding them away from other people. Excluded from playing with other children, from school and from other sources of learning, children with disabilities often grow up to be marginalised adults. Humanity & Inclusion is taking action to change this situation, in collaboration with its numerous governmental and non-governmental partners.

Humanity & Inclusion works to facilitate the social inclusion of people with disabilities by proposing tangible solutions, ranging from orthopaedic fitting and rehabilitation, to the training of professionals via health, social inclusion, raising the awareness of communities about disability and initiatives involving advocacy and campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities. Indeed, it is vital to accept the idea that the latter are fully-fledged citizens, capable of playing an active role in society.

Areas of intervention

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Situation of the country

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in Togo

Since 1991, Togo has suffered from a growing economic crisis and the same party was in government for 40 years, which led to a drastic reduction in international aid. The country is currently in a period of recovery.

In 2017, after legislative elections which the international community judged to be fair, Togo began its recovery from an unprecedented 19-year social and political crisis. International development funding, frozen during this period due to the absence of democratic government, started to flow back into the country.

Since then, there has been economic growth in Togo, but this upturn has not yet brought about a positive change in the living conditions of Togolese citizens.

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