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Covid-19 - HI has organised 1000 online rehabilitation sessions for patients in Nepal

Emergency Rehabilitation

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has adapted its activities to the Covid-19 epidemic in Nepal, where more than 164,000 people have been contaminated by the virus.

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One thousand online rehabilitation sessions

By adapting its working methods to the Covid-19 epidemic, HI has continued to provide rehabilitation care to patients in Nepal. Since physiotherapists were no longer able to visit people’s homes, they organised some 1000 online sessions by phone or WhatsApp. HI’s rehabilitation project is critically important in Nepal, where it also supports five rehabilitation centres that provide physiotherapy care and orthopaedic-fitting services to thousands of people.

Mask distribution and awareness-raising

HI has also distributed more than 32,000 masks, disinfectant, hydroalcoholic gel, and more than 16,000 gloves to people in need in Karnali, Lumbini, and other provinces. It provided local people with information on Covid-19, transmission risks, prevention measures, etc., including by producing videos, booklets and posters[1]. HI made videos with subtitles and in sign language adapted to people with hearing impairments, in partnership with the World Health Organization. We also aired two videos on television in Nepal.


[1] In partnership with the Nepal Health Education Information Communication Center (NHEICC), WHO, and the National Federation of the Disabled - Nepal.

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Trésor... the budding doctor
© Thomas Freteur/HI

Trésor... the budding doctor

Trésor, 12, has been fitted with an orthosis and receives follow-up care from Humanity & Inclusion (HI) as part of an inclusive education project in his school. It has transformed his life.

Milagros Chacin: “I couldn't even manage to feed my children anymore”
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Emergency Health

Milagros Chacin: “I couldn't even manage to feed my children anymore”

Milagros Chacin and her family escaped the economic crisis in Venezuela by fleeing to Colombia. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has given them financial assistance to buy food and pay the rent.

Amie is now feeling more supported in school
© J. McGeown / HI

Amie is now feeling more supported in school

Amie was born with a physical disability. She is now learning to read and write, with some modifications and adaptations.