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“I’d given up hope of living a normal life again"


Ahmed, 16, was injured by a bullet in the leg. Bedridden, he felt very lonely. Now HI is helping him to live a normal life again, like any other teenager. 

Ahmad is care managed by HI's mobile team of partners in Gaza

Ahmad is care managed by HI's mobile team of partners in Gaza | © HI / Abedelrahman Abu Hassanien

Bullet wound 

Ahmad was hit by a bullet below his right knee. It happened close to the border and he was rushed to hospital where he had four operations. Alone in bed, he was too afraid to use crutches, and his mother had to help him do everyday tasks. The teenager lives on the fourth floor, without a lift, so even the shortest journey was a challenge.


Ahmad withdrew into himself after his injury. He wanted to be alone so his family would not see that he was weak and unable to move. He sank into a depression and spent the Eid holidays away from his loved ones. He missed his family very much. 

Talking “like they do in the films"

He now receives visits from a partner mobile team supported by HI. Their priority is to make sure he’s able to get out of bed and move around, and to do everyday tasks unaided and completely independently. The team began by teaching him to use the crutches given to him by HI. 
This enabled Ahmad to return to school just two weeks after he was discharged from hospital. He can now put on his shoes alone and sees his family and friends again. The psychological assistance, also provided by the partners supported by HI, has put a smile back on his face and restored his confidence. Ahmad wants to be a civil engineer again and to improve his English, to talk “like they do in the films".

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«I heard Moïse crying under the rubble...»
© Davide Preti/HI
Emergency Rehabilitation

«I heard Moïse crying under the rubble...»

Moïse was four years old when he lost his left leg in the earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010.

Haiti: 10 years after the earthquake
© Davide Preti/HI
Emergency Rehabilitation

Haiti: 10 years after the earthquake

Haiti has not been spared in the last 10 years. A devastating earthquake in 2010 followed by a powerful hurricane in 2016 has compounded serious political instability that continues to paralyse the country today. In 2010, HI deployed one of its largest humanitarian aid operations in Haiti. It still makes a major contribution today to strengthening the local physical rehabilitation network.  

HI support people injured by the war
© HI
Emergency Rehabilitation

HI support people injured by the war

Following a bombardment in North Yemen, Abdulrahmam had a right arm fracture with vascular injuries which lead to gangrene. His arm was amputated. HI is by his side.