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Gaza: « I can’t hold my kids like before » July, 23 2018

HI is treating hundreds of victims of violence in Gaza. Discover the daily challenges faced by the injured and their families.

  • Palestine

“When I grow up I’m going to fly” July, 12 2018

Saiful is 7 years old. He lives in the Rohingya registered refugee camp in Kutupalong, southern Bangladesh. Due to a congenital malformation, he lost his right leg when he was two years old. With support from Handicap International, he has been fitted with an artificial limb and can now walk and attend school.  He loves playing with his friends and dreams of becoming a pilot one day.

  • Bangladesh

Torrential rain in Bangladesh: more than 9,000 Rohingya refugees affected July, 11 2018

More than 9,000 Rohingya have been affected by floods and landslides in Bangladesh since June. HI’s teams continue to assist affected populations.

  • Bangladesh

Gunshot wounds: long-term medical care June, 29 2018

People with gunshot wounds require long-term medical care. After an operation, it can take months or even years of rehabilitation to restore their mobility. During this long period of convalescence, patients are temporarily disabled and unable to work. Alaa is one of hundreds of people with this type of injury. Followed up by HI, he recently began rehabilitation sessions.

  • Palestine

HI Mapping Challenge: innovation to support humanitarian response June, 27 2018

Maps contain information essential to the deployment of humanitarian teams in the field, but in areas isolated due to natural disasters, conflicts or sanitary crises, they are often incomplete or non-existent. To map every part of the world, HI and CrowdAI launched a Mapping Challenge - the first stage of which was completed at the end of May.

  • International

Humanity & Inclusion appoints a new Federal Chairperson June, 27 2018

On Saturday 16 June, HI's Federal Board of Trustees elected Jean-Noël Dargnies as its new Chairperson. After a career in industry and higher education, he is taking over from Jacques Tassi, whose third term as Chairperson ended on Saturday.

  • International

Addressing physical and psychological needs of refugees in Uganda June, 20 2018

Interview with Meryll Patois, HI rehabilitation technical advisor in Uganda

  • Uganda

HI opens first ever inclusive playground in Teknaf, Bangladesh. June, 19 2018

HI and Ikea Foundation have constructed and officially opened the first ever inclusive playground in Teknaf district, Bangladesh. Since then,the playground has become a place filled with children, with and without disabilites, playing and laughing together.

  • Bangladesh

Gunshot injury: a traumatising experience June, 15 2018

Ahmed is 15. Injured in his right thigh just above the knee during a demonstration on the border between Gaza and Israel, he is currently care managed by an HI team. He will begin rehabilitation sessions once his wound has healed. He also needs psychological support.

  • Palestine

Emmanuel can now travel to school by himself on his tricycle June, 5 2018

Emmanuel is twelve years old. Paralysed in both legs, he goes to school on a tricycle given to him by Humanity & Inclusion (HI), which combats the exclusion of people with disabilities in war-affected countries.

  • South Sudan

Gaza : Emergency rehabilitation care for casualties June, 5 2018

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has deployed 10 emergency teams to provide rehabilitation care and psychological support to people injured in the demonstrations that have rocked Gaza over the last few months.

  • Palestine

HI launches emergency response in aid of injured May, 31 2018

More than 13,000 people have been injured since March following demonstrations on the border between Gaza and Israel. HI recently deployed 10 emergency teams to provide rehabilitation care and psychological support to affected people in Gaza.

  • Palestine

“Women with disabilities are thirty times more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy” May, 25 2018

Every day, 1,600 women and more than 10,000 infants around the world die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. On 28 May, International Day of Action for Women's Health, HI is highlighting the need to inform and warn about health risks and to help all women access appropriate healthcare. 

  • International

HI launches emergency response to assist injured May, 24 2018

10 teams will be working in the five governorates of Gaza starting the end of the week, supplying at-home rehabilitation care to people injured in the demonstrations held in recent weeks. Flavia Stea Antonini, head of operations at the organisation’s head office, tells us more about HI’s response.

  • Palestine

Reema: “I really hope I can go back to my village and see mum again” May, 23 2018

Reema, 14, was abandoned at the age of six. Suffering from phocomelia – a congenital malformation – since birth, for many years she was unable to walk. With support from HI, she has been fitted with a prosthesis and benefits from rehabilitation care. Reema now goes to school. She wants to be a dancer and practices every morning.

  • Nepal