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Typhoon Amphan: HI teams ready to respond to emergencies May, 20 2020

Typhoon Amphan is expected to hit India and Bangladesh on Wednesday around 18:00 (local time) and is expected to affect millions of people. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) stands ready to assist the most vulnerable people.

  • India
  • Bangladesh

Ihab is still recovering from injuries but COVID disrupts assistance he needs May, 11 2020

COVID-19 in Gaza means more isolation and despair for people with disabilities as aid and services for them have been suspended.

  • Palestine

Father with disability makes life-saving masks May, 7 2020

Akhter helps in the fight against COVID-19 by sewing masks in Kandahar, Afghanistan, thanks to support from Humanity & Inclusion (HI).

  • Afghanistan

HI’s race to protect frail people against COVID-19 in a country with only 24 ICU beds May, 7 2020

In South Sudan’s Juba County, the Humanity & Inclusion (HI) team has identified more than 5,200 people with disabilities as well as very frail people who need support as the coronavirus makes its presence known. Vulnerable among the vulnerable, most are already displaced from their homes, and face numerous barriers to staying safe from COVID-19.

  • South Sudan

COVID-19 in Ethiopia: No customers, no income for father of 10 May, 6 2020

The entire city of Fafan is under lockdown, and Mohamed fears for his family and is stressed that the pandemic might extend in the region. Humanity & Inclusion is there to support him.  

  • Ethiopia

Due to COVID businesses have stopped and so have livelihoods May, 4 2020

Many vulnerable people like Meryam in Ethiopia depend on their own business to live. Due to lockdown measures, no business means no food. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) helps her. Mutual assistance is key, Meryam says.

  • Ethiopia

“We have been handing out masks to the most vulnerable” April, 28 2020

Fabrice Vandeputte, Humanity & Inclusion’s (HI) director in Myanmar, explains how his teams are helping the most vulnerable individuals protect themselves from the coronavirus.

  • Myanmar

Saima and her family struggling to survive Covid-19 in Pakistan April, 28 2020

Saima, who has used a wheelchair since childhood, lives with her family in a shantytown in Karachi, Pakistan. The pandemic and lockdown have made their daily lives almost impossible to bear.

  • Pakistan

Lockdown measure may worsen children with disabilities condition April, 27 2020

Because of COVID-19, Pakistan is under quarantine, as are the activities organized by Humanity & Inclusion (HI) for vulnerable children.

  • Pakistan

HI launches a campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Togo and protect the most vulnerable April, 22 2020

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams in Togo are taking action to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. They aim to help the most vulnerable people understand the importance of taking basic precautionary measures, and to cope with their fear of the virus.

  • Togo

Albert, a father of five children, learns to protect his family from COVID-19 April, 21 2020

It is not easy to access information if you live in one of the world’s poorest countries. As the Covid-19 pandemic devastates communities around the globe, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is showing vulnerable individuals, including people with disabilities, how to protect themselves from the virus.

  • Madagascar

HI and local relief teams working to combat COVID-19 in Madagascar April, 7 2020

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is adapting two of its projects in Madagascar to fight the spread of Covid-19. We are training local relief teams to protect people in the areas where we work. Our goal is to assist people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals.

  • Madagascar

HI working on several fronts to protect the most vulnerable April, 7 2020

Day after day, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is adapting its work to help protect the most vulnerable from the rapid spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Priority is being given to prevention messages and assisting the most fragile individuals, including the offer of psychosocial support.

  • Madagascar

Humanity & Inclusion continues its work in aid of Rohingya refugees during the Covid-19 epidemic April, 6 2020

Jean-Loup Gouot, Director of Humanity & Inclusion (HI) in Bangladesh, tells us more about our work in aid of Rohingya refugees in the light of the Covid-19 epidemic.


  • Bangladesh

Interview with Jean-Loup Gouot on the COVID-19 pandemic April, 1 2020

Jean-Loup Gouot, Director of Humanity & Inclusion (HI) in Bangladesh, talks about the impact of COVID-19 in the country and outlines the risks of this epidemic, particularly for Rohingya refugees.

  • Bangladesh