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Ceci est écrit en style encadré
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HI calls on governments against bombing in civilian areas
© Jaweed Tanveer / HI
Protect vulnerable populations

HI calls on governments against bombing in civilian areas

On the eve of the Canadian federal election, HI is calling on the leaders and leaders of the main parties to mobilize against the bombing of civilian areas. Elsewhere in the world, HI invites the public to call on its members of parliament in Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By calling on your MPs, let us exert our full weight on governments to put an end to the bombing of civilians in populated areas. 90 MPs (from Belgium, France, Switzerland…) have already expressed their support for our campaign.

Girls education challende in Sierra Leone
© HI

Girls education challende in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's female literacy rate (34%) is one of the lowest in the world and, although there are many policies, none specifically addresses children with disabilities, with the exception of the Children's Rights Act (2007) which guarantees every child access to education. To address this situation, HI is implementing the Girl's Education Challenge - Transition (GEC-T) project, with key partners, so that girls and marginalized children with disabilities in five districts of Sierra Leone can reach their full potential and make the transition from primary school to secondary school and beyond.


Honoring #WomenHumanitarians
© Benoît Almeras/HI
Protect vulnerable populations Supporting the Displaced Populations/Refugees

Honoring #WomenHumanitarians

This World Humanitarian Day, we're putting a spotlight on the women humanitarians who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place. Women humanitarians with Humanity & Inclusion are committed to making the world a healthier, safer, happier, and more inclusive space for people with disabilities. And for that, we are incredibly grateful! Today, we're highlighting some of our inspiring colleagues from around the globe.