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Mangkhut in the Philippines: "When the typhoon hit, we all panicked" September, 20 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut, which made landfall in the northern Philippines, affected nearly one million people and caused extensive crop damage. HI’s emergency experts are meeting with the victims of the disaster to identify their needs. Florabel, 37, told us about her experience.

  • Philippines

Typhoon Mangkhut: “We’ve lost nearly half of our crops" September, 19 2018

HI emergency workers have arrived in the northern Philippines to assess the needs of people affected by typhoon Mangkhut and to prepare for a possible emergency response.

  • Philippines

From landmine victim to pro athlete September, 19 2018

Flavio is one of thousands of mine victims in Colombia. He lost his leg, but can move independently thanks to the prosthesis he received from Humanity & Inclusion. And his steps often lead him to the pool, because Flavio is a competitive swimmer who is seeking Paralympic participation.

  • Colombia

Helping malnourished children in the Sahel to flourish September, 18 2018

In Niger the malnutrition rate reached the emergency threshold of 15% set by the WHO in 2015. Hence the importance of a project like Esspoir, which deals with preventing and reducing the consequences of disease.

  • Mali
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger

1/5 Syrian Refugees has disability September, 17 2018

More than 60% of the Syrian refugee households include a person with disability, and 1/5 of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan have a disability, according to a new study by HI and iMMAP[1]. The survey ran from 2017-2018, and so far has resulted in two reports, four factsheets and a Data Dashboard that provide statistical figures on people with disabilities among Syrian refugees and their access to humanitarian aid. HI Regional Inclusion Technical Coordinator Yahoko Asai explains the study’s importance:


[1] IMMAP is an international NGO that provides professional information management services to humanitarian and development organizations by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, which enables them to make informed decisions to ultimately provide high-quality targeted assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon

Typhoon Mangkhut: HI emergency specialists arrive in affected areas September, 17 2018

HI emergency workers have arrived in the northern Philippines to identify the needs of the victims of typhoon Mangkhut - the most violent typhoon this year - and prepare our emergency response

  • Philippines

Typhoon Mangkhut: HI travels to worst-affected areas September, 16 2018

Super typhoon Mangkhut, which made landfall in the northern Philippines on the night of Friday 14 to Saturday 15 September, has killed dozens of people and affected more than 4 million others. An assessment team will arrive in areas worst hit by the disaster on Monday to identify the needs of affected people.

  • Philippines

Philippines: protecting the victims of typhoon Mangkhut September, 15 2018

HI’s teams are preparing to set out for the northern Philippines where they plan to assist people affected by Mangkhut. The super typhoon, which made landfall last night, has already claimed its first victims

  • Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines, 2013: "Chaos, anguish and disaster… our priority was to prevent the worst” September, 14 2018

As Typhoon Mangkhut threatens to make landfall in the Philippines, HI’s country director in 2013, Edith Van Wijngaarden, recalls the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

  • Philippines

Philippines: HI teams on high alert for Typhoon Mangkhut September, 14 2018

HI's teams are ready to face the aftermath of super typhoon Mangkhut. Thousands of people have already been evacuated.

  • Philippines

Philippines: HI teams prepare for Typhoon Mangkhut September, 13 2018

HI's teams are preparing for the aftermath of super typhoon Mangkhut, which is set to make landfall in the Philippines on the night of Friday 14 to Saturday 15 September. Thousands of people are likely to be affected.

  • Philippines

Idleb - The risk of a humanitarian disaster September, 6 2018

While a major military offensive on Idleb region is possibly under preparation, HI calls on parties to the conflict to spare civilians and allow full and unfettered humanitarian access.

  • Syria

A bright future for Layian September, 5 2018

Layian Ramzy Dokhan is a nine-year-old girl who has lived with a physical disability since she was three. She lives in Rafah, a city close to the Egyptian border, which is prone to military incursions. Nine of Layian’s family members, including three of her brothers and two of her sisters, live in a house with cramped rooms. When it was time for Layian to attend school, she was denied enrollment due to her disability. That is, until she met Humanity & Inclusion (HI).

  • Palestine

Hit by a bullet, first responder volunteer Zena loses her sight August, 29 2018

During the demonstrations in Gaza, Zena gave first aid to the injured. Until she was hit by a bullet herself. Having lost the use of one eye, it’s Zena who now needs help. HI is providing her with care and psychological support.

  • Palestine

Explosive weapons: risk education to protect local people August, 22 2018

After decades of armed conflict, the Lake Chad region remains littered with explosive remnants of war. HI puts up warning signs around hazardous areas and runs risk education sessions to protect local people from explosive remnants.

  • Chad