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Bombing in populated areas, a disaster for civilians May, 22 2019

The United Nations Security Council discusses the protection of civilians in armed conflict this week. A HI delegation is at the United Nations headquarters to convince States to commit themselves against bombing in populated areas. At the head of this delegation, Arms Advocacy Manager, Alma Al Osta, explains HI's actions: 

  • International

Singer Diane Tell visits HI in Cuba May, 16 2019

Our spokesperson, singer Diane Tell, has just returned from Cuba where she made a field visit to meet our beneficiaries and teams. In Cuba, the largest country in the Caribbean, the most vulnerable people, especially people with disabilities, face difficulties in accessing healthcare and the world of work.

  • Cuba

Second Major Cyclone Ravages Mozambique April, 26 2019

Mozambique is still reeling from the devastating impact of cyclone Idai 6 weeks ago but has not been spared from further disaster. Cyclone Kenneth struck the north of the country yesterday. 

  • Mozambique

HI continues to assist victims four years after the earthquake in Nepal April, 23 2019

Since Nepal was hit by an earthquake on 25 April 2015, HI has provided support to more than 19,000 disaster-affected people.

  • Nepal

Nepal: HI provides emergency care to tornado victims April, 23 2019

HI is providing emergency rehabilitation care to the victims of the tornado that struck southern Nepal on 31st of March.

  • Nepal

Daniel: “I want to be a teacher!” April, 19 2019

Standing strong, Daniel is looking at his classmates, all eyes are on him.

  • Sierra Leone

HI supports forgotten communities in the slums of Beira, Mozambique April, 19 2019

Thousands of residents of Beira city live in poverty in densely packed slums. Their makeshift homes could not withstand the force or cyclone Idai. HI is coordinating clean-up and reconstruction efforts for these hardest-hit communities.

  • Mozambique

“I’d given up hope of living a normal life again" April, 17 2019

Ahmed, 16, was injured by a bullet in the leg. Bedridden, he felt very lonely. Now HI is helping him to live a normal life again, like any other teenager. 

  • Palestine

The deadly legacy of war in Iraq April, 15 2019

Humanity and Inclusion is currently clearing weapons in areas of Iraq contaminated during the recent conflict with the Islamic State group and the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

  • Iraq

Samira, one step at a time April, 8 2019

In the corner of a dark hut, ten-year-old Samira is busy with her make-up bag. A mirror directs thin rays of sunlight onto the little girl's face, revealing cheeks reddened by the mixture of face powders that she has put together. Samira is getting ready to go and play outside, in the Teknaf refugee camp in Bangladesh. No easy task after years of living in seclusion, due to her disability, cerebral palsy.

  • Bangladesh

Improving the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people April, 8 2019

HI promotes the inclusive employment of the most vulnerable individuals in Sri Lanka. 

  • Sri Lanka

HI mine clearance experts return to Casamance, Senegal April, 4 2019

Many explosive remnants of war still endanger the lives of people living in this region in the south of Senegal and prevent internally displaced people from returning home.  

  • Senegal

Indonesia: rehabilitation care for 800 casualties April, 3 2019

Four months after Indonesia was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, HI continues to assist victims of the disaster.

  • Indonesia

25 years on, Rwanda remembers April, 2 2019

HI continues to help victims overcome their trauma, 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda. 

  • Rwanda