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Interview with Jean-Loup Gouot on the COVID-19 pandemic April, 1 2020

Jean-Loup Gouot, Director of Humanity & Inclusion (HI) in Bangladesh, talks about the impact of COVID-19 in the country and outlines the risks of this epidemic, particularly for Rohingya refugees.

  • Bangladesh

HI adapts its action to combat COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable March, 31 2020

Our teams are making changes to the way they work in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the field wherever possible. This includes reviewing their current response and implementing new projects to protect people from the virus and deal with the impact of the crisis, with a focus on people with disabilities, children, women, and isolated and older people.

  • International

COVID-19: Physical therapists help prevent the spread in vulnerable communities March, 30 2020

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are making changes to the way they work and assisting at-risk populations in response to the global spread of COVID-19. This will include providing local people with accessible, stay healthy messages, and offering access to physical therapists via WhatsApp. Our emergency rehabilitation expert Pauline Falipou explains:

  • International

HI adapts its operations to help with the Covid-19 pandemic March, 27 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads to countries already affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters, HI is adapting its response to the health crisis.

  • International

Five years of conflict in Yemen March, 26 2020

Since the beginning of the conflict ravaging Yemen, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has condemned the massive use of explosive weapons (especially mines, which have been banned since 1999) and calls on all parties concerned to remove unreasonable administrative barriers!

  • Yemen

Drawing on HI’s experience to help protect people most vulnerable to Covid-19 March, 26 2020

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is assessing its scope for action and plans to use its expertise in emergency situations and its experience of past epidemic situations to protect the most vulnerable.

  • International

Including the vulnerable in the fight against COVID-19 March, 23 2020

From Burkina Faso to Senegal to Pakistan, the list of countries affected by COVID-19 grows longer by the day. Present in more than 55 countries worldwide, HI is determined to continue assisting its beneficiaries while safeguarding the health of its teams.

  • International

HI teams engaged in the fight against Covid-19 March, 19 2020

Although Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic, the virus continues to spill across continents and countries, causing widespread disarray. The number of affected people increases daily. Given this unprecedented and dramatic situation, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is taking special measures to protect its teams, maintain its operational capabilities and continue assisting the most vulnerable.

  • International

Ameen: "Now I can walk, I want to go back to university" March, 16 2020

Ameen, 19, was the victim of an explosion in Hodeidah. He was injured in his right leg, just above the knee. HI supplied him with a prosthesis and helped him walk again.

  • Yemen

Diabetic Abdel recovers from amputation with HI support March, 16 2020

Diabetic Abdel recovers from amputation thanks to HI support.

  • Jordan

After fleeing Syria, Amer was victim of a car accident March, 10 2020

Amer, 38, is a worker and lives with his wife, their child and his parents in the Baqaa Camp, Jordan. After fleeing Syria, he found a job in maintenance and started to rebuild his life. A terrible accident in 2019 left him with two fractured legs.

  • Jordan

Fleeing violence in Syria: Osama has been a refugee in a wheelchair for 8 years March, 3 2020

25- year-old Osama was living in a nice house with his family in the south of Syria until his neighbourhood was bombed in 2012. His 13-year old little brother died and the family had to flee. A missile fragment entered one of his 12th vertebras, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

  • Jordan

Fatehia walks again thanks to HI’s teams February, 27 2020

Eight-year-old Fatehia was seriously injured in a bombing raid on her village in northern Yemen. She now receives medical and psychological support from HI.

  • Yemen

Heba have learned to walk with a prosthesis February, 25 2020

Heba is a 13-years-old girl. Her home in Sada'a was struck by an airstrike last year. She suffered a serious leg wound and has to be amputated.

  • Yemen

“I feel at ease with HI’s psychologist, Olivier” February, 24 2020

Héritier, 23, used to captain a crew of fishermen in South Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo). One night, rebels stormed his home, injuring his arm. Now he attends sessions with Noela, one of Humanity & Inclusion’s physiotherapists, who is helping restore the use of his arm and hand. He also sees Olivier, a psychologist with whom he feels "at ease".

  • Democratic Republic of Congo