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Channa: a step towards the future August, 18 2017

Eight-year-old Channa’s face lights up and then breaks into grin, revealing the playful little girl inside. But between bouts of laughter, a more serious Channa all too easily takes her place. And no wonder: born with one leg, this little girl’s life has not been all fun and games.

  • Cambodia

Deadly mudslides in Freetown: Handicap International mobilises its teams August, 18 2017

Floods and landslides killed more than 300 people on Monday 14 August in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, following heavy rain across the country. Some 3,000 people have been made homeless. Handicap International is providing support to the most vulnerable individuals.

  • Sierra Leone

1 million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda August, 17 2017

Since the outbreak of civil war in South Sudan in 2013, Uganda has offered a place of safety to people fleeing from the conflict. On the 15th of August, the Government of Uganda and the UN Refugee Agency announced that the staggering threshold of 1 million South Sudanese refugees has now been reached. Handicap International (HI) will launch activities to support new arrivals in Uganda this September.

Neymar Jr. becomes Handicap International’s ambassador August, 15 2017

The Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. became the new ambassador of the charity Handicap International today. An event was organised in Place des Nations in Geneva on this occasion. Through this partnership, Neymar is using his huge fame for a good cause: to support the most vulnerable people in the world, people with disabilities in poor countries, victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

Cluster munitions still in use seven years after ban came into force August, 1 2017

The Oslo Convention banning the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster munitions entered into force seven years ago, on 1 August 2010. Despite the undeniable success of the convention, which has been signed by 119 countries, cluster munitions are still used intensively and repeatedly in Yemen and Syria.

South Sudan Refugee Crisis: “We left without our parents” July, 28 2017

The refugee crisis in South Sudan is one of the most alarming humanitarian situations in the world. Millions of South Sudanese are fleeing from brutal violence and extensive food insecurity. 86% of those who seek safety in neighbouring countries are women and children, including at least 75,000 children who have become separated from their families, many of whom are in poor health.

  • South Sudan
  • Ethiopia

Including children with disabilities: Handicap International and UNICEF uniting efforts July, 27 2017

In crisis situations, children with disabilities are often excluded from humanitarian assistance. Handicap International (HI) and UNICEF are working together to confront this problem. A toolkit of expert technical guidance has been launched to help all humanitarian actors improve their response.

Handicap International launches demining operations in Colombia July, 21 2017

Handicap International (HI) has launched demining activities in the department of Cauca, in Colombia, the second most affected country after Afghanistan.

  • Colombia

Amira’s first steps July, 14 2017

Amira is 11 years old. In March 2017, she was injured in a bomb attack in Mosul, and has suffered from a broken leg ever since. She lives with her family in Hasansham camp for displaced people, where Handicap International (HI) is providing her with rehabilitation care.

  • Iraq

“I just want to live in safety” July, 12 2017

Salah was hit by schrapnel during a bombing in Mosul, last March. His eight year old daughter died the same day. Salah now lives with the rest of his family in a displaced people’s camp, where he receives regular visits from Handicap International (HI).

  • Iraq

“I remember seeing my body riddled with shrapnel” July, 12 2017

In April 2017, Raneen was injured in a bomb attack in Mosul. The leg fracture she sustained has still not healed. She is currently being treated in Hamdaniya hospital, where Handicap International (HI) is providing her with physiotherapy sessions.

  • Iraq

“We want to pick up life where we left off” July, 11 2017

In February 2017, Hossam and his family fled the fighting in Mosul and took refuge in Qayyarah displaced people’s camp. A few weeks later, Hossam had an accident that left him with a broken leg. He is being treated in Hamdaniya hospital, where Handicap International is providing him with physiotherapy care. 

  • Iraq

“I looked at his leg and, deep down, I knew” July, 11 2017

Abdel Rahman was caught in a bombing in Mosul last May, which led to the loss of his leg. He now lives with his family in Hasansham displaced people’s camp, where Handicap International (HI) provides him with rehabilitation care and psychological support.  

  • Iraq

“A missile fell right next to us” July, 11 2017

Abdullah was injured in an explosion in Mosul, last May. Now displaced with his family in a camp located east of the city, the teenager receives assistance from Handicap International (HI), including rehabilitation care to help him recover from a broken leg.