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Whether you take part in your own sponsored challenge or organize an event, the money you raise could give an amputee the chance to walk again, make a community safe from the threat of landmines or ensure that a disabled person is not left behind in an emergency.

HI Awareness Event

HI Awareness Event | © Brice Blondel/HI

Ideas to get involved

Fundraising for HI: Challenge your friends, get original

Fundraising for HI


Whether you’re going the extra mile with a marathon or climb a mountain top, your sponsored challenge is an opportunity to have a brilliant life experience. Consider setting up a dedicated campaign page on our website where you can direct all your friends, family and other potential sponsors.


Organizing an event means doing things your way and by bringing a crowd together for a great cause you’ll be doing something hugely rewarding and having fun at the same time. The possibilities are endless so whether you are an accomplished figure skater or a fierce hockey player, the main thing is to have fun!


HI’s calling on the Canadian gaming community to protect and support the most vulnerable across the globe. The bigger the group, the better; live stream, comment, share on social, and get people donating. Start your fundraiser on tiltify.com/ hi-canada.

Advocating for HI: Raise your voice for Humanity & Inclusion


Support students to explore the impact of conflict and apply what they’ve learnt by raising awareness in the wider school. Once your class understands the issues, challenge them to organize an assembly. You could use our PowerPoints which contain key information, outline a day in the life of a deminer, and present stories of survivors from around the world. You can contact info-canada@hi.org for additional information.


Join our fight against the bombing of civilians by signing our international petition. We have the power to demand action from the Canadian government and other States. Sign the petition bit.ly/ stopbombsoncivilians and share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Simple steps to follow

We hope you are inspired by some of the ideas in this pack. Fundraising should always be a fun experience but it is helpful to have a plan!

  1. Set yourself a fundraising target! Chose a country of intervention or a thematic of your choice. Make sure you explain the difference that the money raised could make - see below for inspiration and prompts you could use.
  2. Create a movement. Why not ask friends and colleagues to be part of your fundraising team? They could help you organize an event and may even take part in alongside you. Ask your employer or colleagues if they can support you. They could publicize your fundraising efforts and may even be able to offer match funding.
  3. Beg, borrow... or ask us for help. Once you have your fundraising idea, think about what you may need. Contacting us is a good first step. We have t shirts, donation forms, pins, stickers and more that we would be delighted to send you.
  4. Spread the word! We would love to celebrate and share your achievements with fellow supporters in Canada and worldwide. From blog posts, photos and video updates, there are lots of ways to promote your supporting activity and we want to help you from the start. Tag us on facebook.com/Humanite.Inclusion.Canadatwitter.com/HI_Canada and instagram.com/hi_canada.
  5. Contact your local media. You could send a letter to your local newspaper, radio or TV station, explaining why you’re taking action to raise awareness on the cause of your choice. Or you could ask students to write an article for the school newsletter to tell parents about your activities.

Sending your donations

  1. Online: You can donate directly via our website via credit card, on DonorBox.
  2. Shop our catalogue: Your donation will provide specific help to someone who really needs it. Receipt for tax purposes will be sent after processing your donation. (Once a year in case of monthly donation). Visit our catalogue.
  3. On your gaming platform: Interact with your community for the causes you are passionate about. Create, join or support a team fundraiser and raise even more for HI. Go to, tiltify.com/hi-canada
  4. By phone: You can donate by card over the phone. Give us a call 1 877 908-2813.
  5. By cheque: You can send donations by post to the address below.
    Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to ‘Humanity & Inclusion Canada’ and sent to:
    Humanity & Inclusion Canada
    50 Saint-Catherine Street West #500b
    Montreal, H2X 3V4
  6. By giving your birthday: Organize your next birthday party by supporting our mission through our partner Echoage. Go to, www.echoage.com/charities/humanity-&-inclusion-canada

Download the complete supporter's guide here.