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Tropical storm Tembin churned over the Philippines on Dec. 22-24, putting more than 550,000 people in danger. Handicap International's teams are ready to help the most vulnerable.

Building destroyed by typhon Haiyan in Tacloban, in 2013

Bâtiment détruit par le passage du typhon Haiyan à Tacloban, une des zones les plus dévastées par la catastroph | Till Mayer

On December 22, tropical storm Tembin (local name Vinta) crossed the Mindanao region in the southern Philippines, lingering there for more than a day. Heavy rains and winds of more than 90 km/h (with gusts of 155 km/h) caused sudden floods, landslides and heavy damage to farmland, infrastructure and basic services. Rising water submerged several hectares of farmland, destroying next year’s crops, and contaminating drinking water.

The storm impacted more than 550,000 people in 1,034 districts (barangays), and is responsible for more than 200 deaths and 130 injuries.

Handicap International has been working in the Philippines for over 30 years and its teams are on standby, ready to provide assistance to the most vulnerable to ensure they aren’t excluded from humanitarian aid. Assessment missions might be carried out in the coming days to identify the worst-affected areas and populations.

Handicap International has extensive experience supporting people in the Philippines after natural disasters, including the 2013 mega storm Typhoon Haiyan. The organisation has been working alongside local communities and authorities to implement disaster preparedness campaigns to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable Filipinos, in particular people with disabilities, are properly taken into account.

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