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HI helps anti-personnel victim Ismail live with dignity again

Explosive weapons Inclusion Rehabilitation

Ismail lost both legs in a landmine explosion at the age of 14. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is now teaching him to walk again with his new prostheses.

Ismail is pleased with his new prostheses

Ismail is pleased with his new prostheses | © HI

Injured by an anti-personnel mine in 2014, Ismael had to have both legs amputated above the knee. The accident turned his life upside down and left him feeling excluded. Without adapted prostheses, he is reliant on others and unable to do routine activities.

Now 17, Ismail grew out of his last pair of prostheses, which became too small for him and he needed new ones.

“Because Ismail’s prostheses were too small, they were uncomfortable and could have caused him complications, preventing him from moving around unaided,"

explains HI physiotherapist Rana Al Adbel.

HI's rehabilitation teams assessed his physical condition and supplied him with new prostheses adapted to his size, allowing him to continue walking and living normally.

Living with dignity

Ismail lives with his parents and five siblings aged five to twenty-seven in a very isolated and inaccessible rural area.

They have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic because they can no longer afford to buy essential items, such as food.

As the situation is still unstable and dangerous in his home region, Ismail does not wish to return to live in Syria.

He prefers to take a training course and find a stable job.

"I want to earn enough money for my family to live with dignity,"

he says.

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Explosive weapons Rehabilitation

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