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Repairing minds and bodies

Emergency Rehabilitation

Six months ago, 17-year-old Salim was hit by a bomb as he worked in a grocery store near Hudaydah. He was amputated below the knee in the city’s hospital. The experience left him shocked and anxious. Could he live with just one leg? How would he support his family? Would he be able to go back to school?

Salim walks thanks to a prosthesis provided by HI

Salim walks thanks to a prosthesis provided by HI | © Ayman / HI

Salim travelled four hours to get to the Sana’a rehabilitation centre, where he’ll be seen by a physiotherapist and fitted with his prosthesis. He’s here because a few months ago he was hit by a bomb in the grocery store where he worked out of school hours.

"When I first saw Salim, he was depressed. The pain was keeping him awake. He wouldn’t accept what had happened to him. He cried because he thought his future had been snatched away from him. He didn’t think he could wear a prosthesis and live a normal life," explains HI’s psychologist, Sana.

To prepare him for his prosthesis, HI gave him a pair of crutches and rehabilitation care, along with psychological support.

"When I was discharged from the hospital after my amputation, I was too ashamed to go to school. I didn’t think I’d walk again. But in the end, it's tough, but life goes on. I still have a future. I walk normally. I love reading and seeing my friends. I want to continue my studies and support my family."

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Samira, one step at a time
© Abir Abdullah/HI

Samira, one step at a time

In the corner of a dark hut, ten-year-old Samira is busy with her make-up bag. A mirror directs thin rays of sunlight onto the little girl's face, revealing cheeks reddened by the mixture of face powders that she has put together. Samira is getting ready to go and play outside, in the Teknaf refugee camp in Bangladesh. No easy task after years of living in seclusion, due to her disability, cerebral palsy.

Harvests destroyed in Mozambique: HI will distribute essential food rations
© Fabrice Renoux / HI

Harvests destroyed in Mozambique: HI will distribute essential food rations

In regions of Mozambique devastated by Cyclone Idai, food insecurity is expected to rocket in the coming months. HI will distribute kits of essential food-stuffs to 12,000 families.