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“My heart stopped” November, 18 2016

Salim left Jalawla with his family two years ago after the Islamic State group captured the city. As they fled, his son died and Salim had a heart attack. Since his return to Jalawla, Handicap International’s team monitors him and has provided him with physiotherapy sessions and psychosocial support.

  • Iraq

“I’ve got my smile back again” November, 18 2016

Injured in one of Iraq’s many wars, Sabah had his leg amputated several years ago. When Jalawla was captured by the Islamic State group in 2014, he fled the city with his family. They returned to Jalawla in early 2016. Still traumatised by all he went through, Sabah follows psychosocial support sessions supported by one of Handicap International’s teams. The organisation has also provided him with mobility aids to make his life easier.

  • Iraq

“We lost everything” November, 17 2016

The Islamic State group captured the Iraqi city of Jalawla in August 2014. Heavy fighting then displaced tens of thousands of its inhabitants. Recaptured in December 2015, Jalawla is now one of the most severely damaged cities in the conflict. Even if the area is still contaminated, its residents have gradually begun to move back to their homes, since the beginning of 2016. Handicap International conducts risk education and victim assistance activities there and will shortly begin clearance operations to secure the streets. 

  • Iraq

Humanitarian response in Hasansham camp November, 16 2016

Over 55,000 people have been displaced since military operations to retake Mosul began on the 17th of October. Hasansham camp opened ten days ago and is already full: more than 10 000 IDPs have found refuge there.

  • Iraq

Emergency response in Khazer camp November, 16 2016

More than 55,000 people have been displaced since military operations to retake Mosul began on the 17th of October. Several thousand of them now live in Khazer camp, 15 kilometres away from the frontline. 

  • Iraq

Mosul: “The number of displaced people has doubled in the past week” November, 16 2016

More than 55,000 people have been displaced this month, since the launch of the Mosul offensive (Iraq). Handicap International’s teams will start working and providing assistance to vulnerable people in displacement areas, starting next week. 

  • Iraq

Towards a mine-free Casamance November, 16 2016

The threat of anti-personnel mines still hangs over the people of Casamance despite an end to the conflict[1] in this region of Senegal. Handicap International has been running demining programmes since December 2015. After completing an initial operation in the village of Diagnon, the organisation is now clearing 20,000 square metres in Boutoute, on the outskirts of Ziguinchor, to free villagers from the danger of mines.

  • Senegal

Handicap International in Bolivia: more than 2,800 rehabilitation care beneficiaries November, 10 2016

In Bolivia, Handicap International has helped set up seven rehabilitation centres  and promotes access to quality care for people with disabilities. Within the space of two years, more than 2,800 people have benefited from our rehabilitation services.

  • Bolivia and Andean states

Haiti: Hurricane Matthew continues to wreak havoc November, 10 2016

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on 4 October 2016. One month on, 1.4 million people still need humanitarian aid. The south and north of the country were also recently hit by intense rainfall, and many roads are completely blocked by floods. Handicap International continues to provide emergency response to victims of the disaster.

  • Haiti

Mosul: Handicap International is preparing to respond appropriately to the emergency needs November, 7 2016

Three weeks after the start of the military offensive to take back the city of Mosul in Iraq, over 34,000 people have already been displaced. Handicap International is preparing to provide them with support and to deploy substantial resources to respond to the emergency situation. Situation update on the organisation's humanitarian intervention:

  • Iraq

“I will finally be able to go back to school” November, 7 2016

Early in the summer of 2015, Shua’a (9) and her family were caught in a bombing raid in Syria, resulting in the amputation of her left foot. Her family now lives in Azraq camp, in Jordan. With Handicap International’s help she will very shortly be fitted with a prosthesis and will be able to walk over longer distances. 

  • Syria

Mohammad's rehabilitation November, 2 2016

  • Jordan

Hurricane Matthew in Cuba: people with disabilities especially vulnerable October, 31 2016

Hurricane Matthew hit southeast Cuba on the night of 4 to 5 October, after making landfall in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. In Cuba, the hurricane had a significant impact on vulnerable people, particularly people with disabilities. Handicap International has been present in Cuba for more than 18 years and part of its work includes preparing the most vulnerable people for natural disasters. 

  • Cuba

“I’ve regained hope and my independence” October, 31 2016

Ali lives in northern Syria in a camp for displaced people, on the border with Turkey. In January 2016, he was injured in an attack on his village. Handicap International is helping Ali recover by providing him with physiotherapy care, psychosocial support and donations of mobility aids. 

  • Syria

“It’s a dream come true” October, 31 2016

Ghazal and Nahla live in northern Syria. They have opened the region’s only prosthetics and orthotics workshop, enabling people injured in the conflict or amputees to be orthopaedically fitted. Handicap International has been working with them for several weeks: the organisation has trained them to improve their production techniques.

  • Syria